Amelia’s love for poetry has been a lifelong passion. She began writing poetry at the early age of 11 and never stopped. For her, poetry is a form of personal expression that is full of emotion. It can vividly illustrate joy and frustration but also celebrate love and faith. Her poetry searches for the deeper meaning in our lives and is likely to make you reflect upon your own life experiences.

Professionally, she is a journalist and communications strategist with experience in high profile public relations, broadcasting, and marketing positions. She spent several years as a television news producer for KPRC-TV in Houston, Texas, where she won numerous awards for her work on the state, national, and international levels.

Amelia has also worked for NBC News in Washington, DC as well as in corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies. She was a news reporter for WOI-TV-5 in Des Moines and presently is the Chief Communications Officer for the City of Des Moines government.

She is gifted in writing and stage performance; talents she utilizes in her professional career and spiritual life. Her talent for communicating shaped her professional career in television news, video production; public relations and corporate communications. Amelia received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and her Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, DC.

Poetry has always been her first love and this collection was written over the span of her career.

“Many of the poems are like short stories; little glimpses into the lives of women I have met in my life. I am fascinated by our individual journeys to womanhood. Whenever I was moved by someone’s story, it usually ended up in a poem. But there are also pieces in this book that reflect my faith walk and personal experiences,” said Amelia Hamilton Morris.